Breeding love birds

Lovebirds are probably the easiest of all cage birds for the novice to breed and rear. They can be breed in cages, or in an avary-based colony. Cage breeding will require a cage of a minimum size of 60cm long

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Diseases in Love Birds

Many novice love birds’ owners become alarmed if they see their pets begin to regurgitate food. This is form of behavior perfectly natural to the healthy adult bird. It is the mean be which it first courts its mate and

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Baby lovebirds

First Round Baby lovebirds are born without feathers. Their first covering begins to grow on about the 12th day soon followed by the first feather growth. The newly hatched chick is able to survive for the first 12 hours

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Plan Your Own Aquarium

To most people on the brink of purchasing their first fish tank, anything larger than an aquarium seems like something on which they could install a full size diving board, leap in, and do the backstroke. When optical illusions are

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Love Birds – Housing the Budie

The love birds first appeared in England approximately a century ago. They live to around eight years old there are sixty clearly definable colour varieties in love birds. Housing the Budie Most experts regard the draught proof box cage as

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