Baby lovebirds

First Round

Baby lovebirds are born without feathers. Their first covering begins to grow on about the 12th day soon followed by the first feather growth. The newly hatched chick is able to survive for the first 12 hours or so without food. It draws nourishment from the yolk sac extending from the abdomen, which will later shrink back into the body.

There after for the first 10 days of its life, the baby bird is fed with “crop milk” a cheesy substance regulated by the mother bird. In order to help the “mums” produce plenty of crop milk most breeders supplement normal bird’s diet with soaked oats or cubes of whole meal bread moistened with milk. When babies of about to five to six weeks of age are seeing to be cracking seed freely and eating enough for their requirements they can be removed from the parent birds. Then chicks of the first rounds must be taken away before the first chick of next round will hatched.

Second Round

Most hen birds lay the first egg of the second round when the youngest baby in the previous nest is about three and half weeks old. Some wait still the last baby has left the nest. When the lovebirds are to breed outdoors, they must have weatherproof and enclosure.

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