Vanda Culture

Vanda culture

Vanda species come from the tropics of Asia from the high hills of India, through Thailand. It is a fast growing plant. Vanda often grown outdoors in shaded area. Vanda produce sturdy flower spikes of a dozen or more flowers. The flowers vary in size from about two to four inches some varieties are pure white, variegated, pink, blue and purple. They flower through the year. Round aerial roots being produced along the plant stem at different intervals.

Cultural requirement of Vandas


Vandas grow best under warm daytime condition. High day time humidity is required, day time temperature should be 65° C. They need very story sunlight. It does not grow in indoor or fluorescent lights. Watch out for leaf burn, with bright sun light, 50% shade net should be provided to the plants.

During the growing season it need’s daily watering, as well as misting several time a daily. The potting medium should be moist.

Potting Mixture

Vanda can be raised in teak Wood hanging basket filled with charcoal pieces or in ordinary earthen pots with a suitable soil mixture consisting of leaf mould, brick pieces, small pieces of charcoal and coconut husk cut into small pieces in equal.  Soft water or rain water is useful for good growth.

Fertilizers used

Vandas are heavy feeders. They need manure every week. During the growing season, vandas should be given a dilute solution of a complete fertilizer of high nitrogen. Fertilizers alone reduce flowering.  N.P.K mixture as below should be given

Urea – 76 gm

Ammonia Phosphate –  65gm

Potassium Sulphate – 78 gm

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