How to make a Bottle Garden

Bottle Garden always attracts interest. True bottle garden has a stopper of some kind on the top. It is a sealed environment. Moisture in air recirculates when it condenses. So you do not need to water plants. The plants you use will depend on the type of bottle garden you make, do not use flowering plants. Clear glass is better than coloured glass and heavenly tinned glass. No chemical fertilizer should be used. If you cannot find a suitable bottle, try a sweet display jar. Other materials required for arranging bottle garden are funnel, PVC pipe, Gravel, Charcoal teaspoon, for long stick, sieved mud, dry leaf mould, brick pieces and white pebbles. Continue reading

How to Arrange Dish Garden

Dish gardens are grown with cacti, succulents, foliage plants succulents such as cacti succulent crassula cacti succulents,echeverria, Sansevieria. Foliage plants such as Arabia, Dieffenbachia, miniature Varieties of coleus dracaena of Duranta, tradescantia, peperomia, spider plant and wondering Jews can

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Natural Ways to Control Garden Pests

Organic Alternatives There are many natural ways to control garden pests and maintain a healthy garden without using chemicals One of the easiest ways to get rid of the pests is them to pick them of the plants by hand(make

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