10 Ayurvedic Remedies for Epilepsy

1) Take a piece of goat bone and burn the bone. Take the half gram of powdered ash and mix it with little hot water and drink. 2) Take one teaspoon of Bocopa monnieri juice, acorus calamus powder and honey mixed together should be taken. 3) For small children ruta graveolens should be tied in small bunches and tied around the waist 4) Pepper should be powdered and tied in a cloth and burned. Make the patient smell the smoke. He will recover soon from Epilepsy. 5) Taking garlic juice regularly is good for the treatment of epilepsy. 6) Acorus calamus powdered should be taken with honey. Continue reading

Ayurvedic – Cure for Baldness and Hair Loss

1. Bacopa monnier and Phyllanthus emblica both should be taken equally and crushed together and the juice is taken out. Also take one part of Glycyrrhiza glabra and mix it with the juice obtained earlier. Then mix it with

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