Ayurvedic Remedies for Premature Greying of hair

Method 1

Take Murraya Koenigii (Curry Leaf) 20 grams and boil with 100ml of coconut oil and strain. Then apply it on the head. This act as a natural remedy for Premature Graying of hair

Method 2

Take Emblica Officinalis (gooseBerry) 10 numbers and boil with water. After some time stop heating and cool it. When the water is cooled, wash the hair with it. It works as a grey hair remedy

Method 3

Take Henna Samphire Leaf (henna) and grind it well. Then dry it in shade. After drying the Henna Leaf, it can be mixed with coconut oil and rubbed on the hair.

Method 4

Murraya Koenigii (curry Leaf) mixed with butter milk should be applied on the hair and left for there for 20 minutes. The same may be repeated every three days. 

Method 5

Regular use of Caraway (black Jeera) oil will help in preventing the premature graying of hair.

Method 6

Take Indigofera Tinctoria (neela Amari) and rub on the head and hair and you will get good results.

Method 7

Juice of Phyllanthus Debilis is rubbed on hair does good work in preventing greying of hair.

Method 8

Boil tea leaf in water and cool the same and rub it on the hair will work as a home remedy for grey hair.

Method 9

Take Equal part of oil of Prunus amygdalus (Almond) and Coconut oil. Mix them together and heat the mixture. When the mixture is little hot rub on the hair.

Method 10

Rub moong dal outer covering powdered and keep it for 20 minutes and take a shower after that.

Method 11

The bark of Murraya Koenigii (curry Leaf) tree 100gms, Emblica Officinalis (gooseBerry)100grams, Eclipta Alba 100grams, Aloe Vera leaf 200grams.

All these should be grinded together and rubbed on the hair and kept for an hour. After that the same can be washed away.

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