Mangostin (Garciniz Mangostana)

Propagation :

Mangostins and grown from seeds. The fruit generally contains one or two seeds, fertilization doesnot take place in mangostin. Hence advancement in breeding hasnot been achieved to the same measure as in the crop plant. The plant to come into their first bearing of fruit takes 9 to 10 years from the time of planting. Vegetative propagation could cut down the period. For medge grafting the mangostin seedings 2 – 2 1/2 years old were used as root stock.

Vegetative propagation. Well developed seeds from large fruits were collected and washed and pup removed. These were placed in poly of size 12cmx3cm with potting mixture 1:1:2 parts sand, top sod and cattlemanure. The seeds are placed 21/2” deep in pots and materned regularly. It should be kept in shade still it germinate. After germination it can be kept in sunlight and foliai fertilizers applied will encourage vigorous growth. When the plants are one year old it can be transfered to main field.

Grafting methods and techniques.

For medge grafting mangostin seedlings of 2 ½ years old are used as root stock. Seedling should be sprayed with foliar fertilizer regularly every two weeks to encourage vigrious growth. 3 weeks before grafting 2 gm. Of urea in 1 litre of mater is to be sprayed on the wholepant. Scien for grafting is to be collected from the motherplant at bud breaking stage during the main season. A meek before wedge grafting two-third of each leaf is to be trimmed of the selected scien.The root stock stump is cut at a nade. Where the growth is the same measurement as that of the scion at 1 ½ cm to 2 cm split is to be made through the wood on the root stock.

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