Ayurvedic Treatment for the Removal of Foot Corns

These are the different Ayurvedic methods for the treatment of Foot Corns.

1. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<ear lime should be mixed in equal part and rubbed three times in a day on the corn. It will help in the removal of foot corns<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


<<ice of Calotropis gigantea for one week & corns will be cured.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

be grinded and the grinded Fig should be put on the corn to cover it completely. This must be done 3 times a day for 1 week. This will help in curing of foot corns.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

<<d copper sulphate. Heat Copper<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<ite of egg and rubbed on the corns for two weeks. Then the foot corns will be cured.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<



<<hould be mixed with rock salt. Then it should be applied regularly. This will remove corns.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


<<nalia chebula 1 part, and 2 part of coconut oil. Mix all together and make it into a paste by grinding. The paste thus obtained is rubbed on to the corn for a week. This will help in curing the corns.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


<<l is heated up an oil is produced. It is good for curing foot corn.<<<<<<<<<<<<<


rn at night time. It is poisonous so be careful.<<<<<<<<<<<<


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