Ayurvedic Treatment for the Removal of Foot Corns

These are the different Ayurvedic methods for the treatment of Foot Corns.

1. Juice of Ginger with clear lime should be mixed in equal part and rubbed three times in a day on the corn. It will help in the removal of foot corns

2. On the corn rub the juice of Calotropis gigantea for one week & corns will be cured.

3. A well ripe Fig should be grinded and the grinded Fig should be put on the corn to cover it completely. This must be done 3 times a day for 1 week. This will help in curing of foot corns.

4. Take the white of egg add copper sulphate. Heat Copper sulphate and mix it with white of egg and rubbed on the corns for two weeks. Then the foot corns will be cured.

5. Water after boiling rice should be mixed with rock salt. Then it should be applied regularly. This will remove corns.

6. Take Turmeric 1 part, Terminalia chebula 1 part, and 2 part of coconut oil. Mix all together and make it into a paste by grinding. The paste thus obtained is rubbed on to the corn for a week. This will help in curing the corns.

7. When Cashew nut’s outer shell is heated up an oil is produced. It is good for curing foot corn.

8. Plumbago root should be grinded and rubbed on the corn at night time. It is poisonous so be careful.

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