Cultivation Methods

Propagation Methods of Cochlospermum Gossypium

Uses of Cochlospermum GossypiumA native of India, Myanmar and some island of archipelago. It is found all over India from Bihar, Orissa and Himalayan tracks up to 3000 feet elevation. The plants are grown near Indian temples for its decorative

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Propagation method of Tinospora Cordifolia

Tinospora Cordifolia is a plant found mainly in Malaysia, India and Srilanka. The main parts uses of this plant are stem and root. It is a large highly spreading, woody climber with fat are water-retaining plants adapted to arid climate

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Cultivation techniques of Phyllanthus Niruri

Phyllanthus Amarus Sanskrit Name: Bahupatra Hindi Name: Jaramla Niruri German Name: Weisse Blatt-Blume Telugu Name

Santalum Album Cultivation Techniques

SANTALUM ALBUM English Name: SANDALWOOD Habitat This is a small evergreen tree grows wild and is cultivated in Indian states of Mysore, Coorg, Coimbatore, Kerala and in some parts of Malaysia, Australia and Newsland, when growing away from its natural

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Cultivation Methods and Germination Techniques of Atropa Belladonna

English name: Deadly night shade, devils cherry It’s a native of Southern and central Europe and naturalized in South England. It is also found in Western Himalayas.

Azadirachta Indica (Neem)- Cultivation Methods

Cultivation Method Seeds propagation is the Common method of growing neem trees. Neem tree can also be propagated by vegetative means – shoot cuttings.

Cultivation Techniques of Gymnema Sylvestre

Family: Asclepiadaceae