Cultivation Techniques and Medicinal uses of Eclipta Alba

Cultivation techniques and medicinal uses.

The plant is commonly found growing thought India, Malaysia and Srilanka.

Description of the plant
There are three variates – Yellow, white and black.

It can be grown in any type of soil but it prefers red loamy soil, with little moisture.

Land preparation for cultivation
First the field should be flooded with water or sprinkler so that all the weeds germinate. It should be continue for 20 to 30 days or start at rainy season .Remove all the weeds first. The field should be ploughed first and kept dry for 10 days so as all the weeds die out .Then apply 150Kg of rock phosphate for 1 acre.

Nursery Techniques for Eclipta Alba
How seeds have to be raised

Nursery beds of 6 inches height 3 feet and breadth 30 feet length. Mix two part sand, one part red soil, and one part cow dung (dry). Mix the three items together and make a bed of the above height and size.
The seeds are sown in rows about 6cm to 10 cm gently cover the seeds with soil. Water this by rose can. They will be ready within 60 days for transplantation.

Vegetative propagation
By using terminal buds of length of 5cm try best with out flowers. It can be planted in well prepared beds as above (seed beds) or nursery bags. The plants will be ready for transplanting within 30 to 45 days. Before planting the plants to main field water the field over night. Make small pits of 15×15x15cm at a distance of 1 feet fill the pits with one part of cow dung dry, one part of red soil and one part of sand. Plant the plants and the Irrigate it. After the planting the plants into the field it should be watered 2 times a day for 5 days and after that every alternate days. If you see weeds remove the same as soon as possible.

The whole plant is plucked after 9 to 10 month. The fresh plants are chopped and dried in shade. The seeds are collected when it turns black in colour. The average matured plants give 2500 Kg. per acre of dry materials.

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