Chicory cultivation methods and environmental conditions

Chicory vegetable

Breed: politicians Curry

Differentiation of leaves are easy to grow as Chicory for greens wrapping called ssam in Korea

– Leaves is zignag, green, somewhat sharp shape
– Slightly bitter taste and very good taste as greens wrapping called ssam in Korea
– Differentiation of leaves a lot of good sustainable harvest yields plenty
– Insensitive to the growing environment of growth and easy cultivation
– And take strong and growing resistance of cold-wide breadth
– Equipped with proper growing conditions give the home gardener may be available year-round

– Growing condition: 15 ~ 20’C
– Soil pH: PH6.5 ~ 7.0
– Planting distance: 15X20CM
– Proper germination temperature: 18’C ~ 25’C
– Strong roots in the heat and cold resistant Saints
– However, under 6’C, differentiation of flower bud comes
– When the flowering long-day conditions are hot and difficult to harvest
– Than lettuce light (sunlight), needs a little High

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