Propagation technique of some shrubs and trees

Common Name Propagation Technique
Acalypha Cuttings, Seeds
Agastya Seeds
Akash neem Seeds, Cuttings
Allamanda Cuttings, layering
Aphelandra Cuttings
Aralia Cuttings
Araucaria Cuttings, air-layers
Arjun Seeds
Ashok Seeds
Austraian Acacia Seeds
Azalia Cuttings
Bakul Seeds
Baringtonia Seeds
Barleria Cuttings
Beloperone Cuttings
Bottle brush Seeds, cuttings, layering
Brunfelsia Cuttings, layering
Brya Cuttings, layering
Calliandra Seeds, cuttings, layering
Camelia Seeds, cuttings, layering
Cannon Ball tree Seeds
Cape jasmine Cuttings, layering
Cestrum Cuttings
Champa Seeds, air-layering
Chatim Seeds
Chinese Lanter Cuttings, layering
Clematis Leaf bud cuttings
Clerodendron Cuttings
Copper Pod tree Seeds, Cuttings
Coral tree Cuttings
Croton Seeds, Cuttings
Cryptomeria Seeds
Debdaru Seeds
Dombeya Cuttings, layering
Drumstick Seeds, Cuttings
Eranthemum Cuttings
Eucalyptus Seeds
Ficus Seeds
Galphimia Seeds
Gliricidia Seeds, Cuttings
Green ebony Seeds, semi-hard wood cuttings
Gulmohar Seeds
Hibiscus Cuttings, layering
Hydrangea Leafy softwoods cuttings, leaf-bud cuttings
Indian coral tree Seeds, Cuttings
Indian tulip tree Seeds, Cuttings
Ixora Cuttings, layering
Jarul Seeds
Jasminum Cuttings, layering
Jhau Seeds
Juniper Seeds, Cuttings, grafting
Kadamba Seeds
Kamini Seeds, Cuttings
Kanchan Cuttings
Lagerstronemia Cuttings, layering
Lagestroemia Seeds
Lantana Cuttings
Lilac Seeds, cuttings, layering
Lpomomea Cuttings
Mad tree Seeds
Magnolia Seeds, air-layering
Mahua Seeds
Malpighia Cuttings
Memecylon Seeds, cuttings, layering
Mussaenda Cuttings, layering
Neem Seeds
Nerium Cuttings, layering
Noble Amherstia Seeds, air-layering
Ochna Cutttings
Palas Seeds
Pentas Softwood cuttings
Peony Seeds
Pine Seeds
Plumbago Seeds
Plumeria Cuttings
Poinciana Seeds
Poinsettia Cuttings
Portlandia Cuttings
Potato tree Seeds
Pterocarpus Seeds
Purple Bauhinia Seeds
Putranjiva Seeds
Rain-tree Seeds, Cuttings
Rhododenron Seeds, Cuttings
Rose Budding, grafting
Russelia Cuttings, Division of roots
Scarlet bush Seeds, Cuttings
Sebestan plum Seeds
Silver oak Seeds
Simul Seeds
Siris Seeds
Sissoo Seeds
Slidago Root cuttings
Sondal Seeds
Sterculia Seeds
Strobilanthes Seeds, Cuttings
Tabebuia Seeds
Tabernaemontana Cuttings
Teak (sagum) Seeds
Tecoma Seeds
Thumbergia Seeds, Cuttings
Tomal Seeds
Travellers tree Seeds
Trumpet flower Seeds
Weeping willow Seeds
Woodfordia Seeds, Cuttings

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