Natural Ways to Control Garden Pests

Organic Alternatives
There are many natural ways to control garden pests and maintain a healthy garden without using chemicals

One of the easiest ways to get rid of the pests is them to pick them of the plants by hand(make sure you wear gloves). Aphids can be removed by removed by rubbing with a small soft brush or with your fingers, Caterpillars can just be picked off.

Lay planks or boards between rows of vegetables – snail will gather underneath then and can be picked off daily and disposed of in a bowl of salty water.

There is an enormous range of organic detergents you can make yourself. But remember, don’t spray unless you have to. Even safe, organic sprays are designed to kill the target, so do your homework and make sure you’re killing the right insect.

Barrier Bands : Barrier bands wrapped around the trucks of trees will help prevent crawling insects from reaching the fruit and leaves. Make the band from old cotton sheet or a piece of socks. The insects hibernate in the band. Remove it regularly to dispose of the catch.

Beer traps(Snails) These are very effective against snails. Mix up one part beer to two parts water and add a little brown sugar. Pour into a saucer nested into the soil so the lip is level with the ground and remove the snails daily. Alternatively, fill an old bottle with the same mixture and sink it to the ground level, emptying occasionally.

Chilli mix This works well on ants and caterpillars. It is made from blending 2-3 fresh chillies with water and pure soap. This mixture also acts as repellent in kitchen. Also try blending 2-3 chilli pepper, half an onion and a clove of garlic in water, boil steep for 2 days and strain. This spray won’t damage plants and freezes well for later use.

Chives Chives can be grown throughout the garden as an insect repellent and work particularly well in well planted at the base of fruit trees. Make up a garden spray by steeping a handful of chives in boiling water for an hour.

Citronella oil : Citronella oil is an effective personal insect repellent when rubbed on the skin. Unfortunately its strong odour is likely to repel more than just insects !!!. This will help prevent crawling pests like caterpillars and Mites from reaching the fruit.

Herbs : Herbs act as natural insect repellent – plant them throughout your garden and use them in herbal spray’s.

Hot water : Hot water has a fatal effect on many insects. Soft bellied insects can’t survive temperatures over 45°C, and beetles will die at 54°C. These temperatures won’t harm even the most delicate plant.

Marigolds : Marigolds are excellent, plant throughout the garden. The pungent secretions of certain marigold special mask’s the odours that repeal many harmful insects.

Milk : Milk is a versatile garden spray. Make up simple solution of one part milk to two parts water.

Onion Onion is an effective repellent. Pour 500ml of boiling water over 1kg of chopped onion and stand for 24hrs. Stain and dilute with 20 litresof water. This is particularly good for the control of sucking insects like aphids, thrips, mites and scale. To use, pour about 600ml around each of the effected plant and repeat every 2 weeks until clear.

White Pepper : White Pepper dusted on vegetables will repeal caterpillars.

Salt : Salt can be sprinkled directly on pests or used as a spray. Mix 50gm of salt with 4 litres of water. Particularly good for caterpillar control. Overuse can cause salinity problems.

Pure Soap : It is an essential ingredient for many sprays. Mix with 9 litresof water to make up a spray – It acts as effective control of aphids and caterpillars.

Washing Soda : Washing soda is effective against fungi and mildew. Mix 250g of washing soda with 11 litres of water and 125g of soft soap. Don’t use this mixture in a very hot weather.

Garlic Garlic is renowned for its insecticidal properties. Make up a good all-round spray by soaking 50gm of chopped garlic with a tablespoon of mineral oil and 250ml of water. Allow the mixture to stand for 48hrs and filter. To make a spray, add 3 tablespoons of this concentrated solution. Garlic is also effective way of controlling pets if planted throughout the garden.

Grease : Ordinary axle grease smeared around the base of trees will prevent crawling pest like caterpillars and mites from reaching the fruit.

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