Rayibel Rosemary Herb cultivation methods and environmental conditions

Rayibel Rosemary Herb

Varieties: rayibel Rosemary (herbs)
Scientific name: Rosmarinus officinalis
Origin: Mediterranean
All year round Meaning: good memories

- Proper germination temperature: 20 to 25 degrees
- Keys grew up about 1.5 meters, about 2-4cm, while headed becomes two peaks
- Flowers bloom throughout the winter-spring, white, purple, pink, purple, varying in – Started three years flowering
- A strong perennation even in Cold (-5 ‘C ~ 0′C)Efficacy
- Memory Enhancement, disinfection, rejuvenation, and hypotension in the effective
- Effective in obesity and skin rejuvenation
- Headache, migraine, mitigation

- Pregnant women and patients with high blood pressure should be prohibited to drink in the car

Germination Tips:
- Soil, sow seeds and then a very thin covering maldeut deopildeut,
- Water and then put a sunny place,
- Germingation after 15 to 20 days with preserving proper humidity

- Fertile on potting soil and well drainage
- The sunshine and well-ventilated should be in room
- Water cycle: Enough watering at once when potting soil is dried

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