Cultivation Techniques of Gymnema Sylvestre

Family: Asclepiadaceae
Life of the plant is about 10 years

A climbing plant Common in Central and southern India, western Ghats(India), Australia and Tropical Africa.

Parts Used: Roots, Leaves, Seeds.

In Ayurveda Gymnema Sylvestre has been described as an antiperiodic, stomachic and diuretic. It is described as a destroyer of sugar. Gymnema Sylvestre has the property of absorbing the taste of sugar, it has been given the name of ‘ Sugar Destroyer ‘. Gymnema Sylvestre is believed therefore that it might neutralize the excess of sugar present in the body of diabetics mellitus.

The root has long been reputed as a remedy for snake bites. Its powder being dusted upon the wound or made into a paste with water and applied and a decoction given internally.

In some part of India people take daily 2 to 4gms of dried leaves of Gymnema Sylvestre for three months or more. Its is said it reduce glycosuria, non-lamenable to dieto-therapy. Air- dried leaves which has more properties of medical use than sun dried leaves.

Cultivation Methods
Gymnema Sylvestre can be cultivated from seeds or by cuttings. The seeds has to be socked in water for one day and should be planted next day. The seed takes 15 to 20 days to germinate. When it is 45 days old the small plant can be transplanted to the main field. 1Kg of seeds is enough for one acre of land. Stem cuttings are taken from the mother plant 15 to 20cm in length. Three node cutting are usually used. The leaves on the lower node must be cut off and that node is buried in the potting mixture filled in the poly bags. Two cuttings can be planted in each poly bag. The roots will be ready within 45 days.

Potting Mixture

  • 2 part sand
  • 1 part Cow dung
  • 1 part red soil

Hormones used for Propagation
1000 ppm IBA just dip and plant or Make a slurry of Cow dung and dip the end of the node into the slurry and plant after 10 minutes and plant the Gymnema Sylvestre into poly bags.

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