Secret of Training Indoor Plants

What is the place of room plants in schemes of decoration ? Most of the people would like to grow plants inside their house but most of them fail because they do not choose the correct plants and techniques.

Potting Mixture
One part of red soil, ½ part charcoal, ½ part cow dung, one part of sand. If moss is available add two hand full ( or coconut husk cut into very small bits) are mixed together.Before filling the above potting mixture into the pot two layer of broken bricks or pot bits are placed inside the pot and potting mixture is filled with the plant and watering is done and kept in shade for 10 to 15 days.p

ight when kept outdoors, only under the /es shade all time throughout the day. The plant is taken into a room and should be kept in side near a window if possible. Not under a fan or where the breeze of fan come in contact. Plant is kept for three days inside and again it is taken out and kept in shade for two days. Again it is taken into the room where it is allowed to stay for one week then again it is taken outside the room and kept in shade for four days (see that no direct sunlight come in contact with). Again plant is taken inside the room and kept there for two weeks. After two weeks take the plant out side the room and place it in shade as before for four days again take the plant inside. Keep the plant that is a month or so after this, the plants will like to grow indoors.p

this stage plants will use water very less. If dust is settled on the leaf wipe it with a wet sponge or take it out and wash it by spraying water on leaves. Some popular indoor plants arephilodendron, sansevieria, Ficus Elastica, Pteris Cretica, adiantumferns, Coffee plant

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