Moringa Oleifera

Moringa Oleifera is commonly called as Drumstick Tree. India is the largest producer of drum stick tree in the world with production of about 1.3 million tons. A small to medium sized tree up to 10m height, deciduous, wood soft and leaves compound. It grows easily from seed and cuttings. Seeds are sown in July. Parts used are Bark, root, fruits, flowers, leaves, seeds and gum.


Leaves, flowers, immature capsules and root are eaten as vegetables. A Gum from cuts made in the trunk is used in rheumatism. Half – Ounce doses of the bark are said to be used to procure abortion. The pods made into soup are prescribed in cases of enlarged liver and spleen. Young unripe pods are favorable ingredient in curries; they act as preventive against intestinal worms. Seeds of pods grinded with water and instilled into the nostrils act as a cure for headaches due to cold.

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