Removing Stains

1. Ball point Pen: As soon as this happen sponge with methylatedspirits, then flush repeatedly in cold water.

2. Blood: Soak in cold, salted water for 10 minutes and then wash with soap for really stubborn stains, apply a mixture of cornflour talcum powder or cornmeal mixed with water and allow to dry. Then brush off.

3. Coffee: Washout with cold water then vinegar and rinse egg yolk lukewarm water and rub on stain.

4. Ink: Soak in Milk

5. Wax: To remove wax from fabric, place a block of ice onto wax, or place in freezer. Scrape off after 2 hours.
6. Mirror to be cleaned: Use 125ml of vinegar mixed with 1 litre of water. Rub dry with a newspaper for even finish.

7. Varnished Surface: Wipe over with strained cold tea.

8. Cleaning Windows: Use a solution of 125ml of vinegar and 1 litre of water rub dry to avoid streaking. If window are very grubby, wash with soapy water first.

9. Cane: Wipe cane over with a solution of equal parts vinegar and water. Dry out of doors if possible on a warm day.

10. AppleWill help combat strange food smells. A slice of apple in the pan when you fry fish will tone down the smell.

11. Lemon & Vinegar: Have good deodorizing qualities. Both can be rubbed over hands to get rid of the smells like garlic & onion.

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