Biodynamic Preparation of Cow Horn manure

Cow horns from slaughter horns or from other source are collected. These horns are cleaned without using any chemical, filled with dung of lactating cows buried in the soil by placing the tip towards sky on ascending moon day during September – October and kept for six months. During this time humus is energized by stirring intermittently clockwise and anticlockwise for an hour preferably in rain water or non-contaminated well water in the evening before sowing or transplanting (25 gm per 15 liters). Rain water is directly sprayed on 1 acre of area. It should be sprayed within an hour after dilution. We can see an increase in nitrogen from 0.06 to 1.7 per cent in the treated soil, it also used for inoculating compost heaps. It helps decomposition faster better recovery and better quality.

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