Cultivation Methods of Aloe Vera

Family: Liliaceae

Indian Name: Ghritkumari

Pakistan Name: Quargandal










Parts used

Aloe is obtained by cutting the leaves at their base and letting yellow, bitter Juice drain out. The water is evaporated off from the juice by heating and that result to light to dark brown mass.


Fresh aloe gel obtained has the property of reliving sun burn as well as promoting the wound healing. The extract of Aloe Vera is also used as sun screen.


Aloe is a hardly plant like cactus growing on a variety of soils. It grows well with pH of upto 8.5. However water logged conditions does not suit its cultivation. It grows well in drain soil.

Aloe is usually cultivated in India between March and June. It is found growing in warm, humid or dry climate with even 150-220 cm of yearly rain fall during the growing period. In very dry region the crop should be provided with irrigation.

Land Preparation & Planting

In India it’s cultivated throughout all places. Land should be ploughed twice and the field should be cleaned thoroughly for weeds.

The plants are planted at a spacing of 2ft*1ft. Rhizome cutting are planted in such a way that two third portion of the root cutting should be under the ground. Soon after planting, the land should be irrigated. 4 to 5 irrigations per year are sufficient. The plants are harvested eight month after planting.

Pests and Diseases

Diseases caused by

  1. Altaranaria Alternata
  2. Fusarium Solani


Aloe Vera is used as a home remedy in India. It is used as a hair dye by dissolving in spirit. It stimulates hair growth. Pulp with honey or saltpetere and turmeric is given as a remedy for cough and cold.

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