Propagation of some Important home plants

Common Name Plant Part used for Propagation
Achimenes Seeds, tuberous root
Aglaonema Shoot-tip cuttings, seeds and cane pieces
Alocasia Rhizomes, Seeds
Amaryllis Seeds, bulbs
Amazon Lily Bulbs
Anthurium Seeds
Arabian Coffee Seeds
Aralia Shoot-tip cuttings, air-layers
Arisaema (cobra lily) Tubers
Asparagus Seeds, division of crowns
Begonia Tuberous roots, seeds
Belamcanda Bulbs
Belladonna lily Seeds, Offsets
Bromeliads Offshoots, Suckers
Butterfly lily Seeds, Rhizomes
Cactus Seeds, grafting
Caladium Tuberous Rhizomes
Canna Tuberous roots, seeds
Coleus Shoot-tip herbaceous cuttings
Cooperanthes Bulbs
Corn Lily Corms
Crinum Bulbs
Crocus Seeds, corms
Croton Cuttings, air-layers
Cyclamen Seeds, tubers
Dahlia Seeds, Cuttings, tuberous roots
Dieramas Corms
Dracaena Terminal Cuttings, Cane Pieces
Dumbcane Cane pieces, shoot-tip cuttings
English ivy Cuttings
Ferns Division of crown, spores
Foodball Lily Bulbs
Four O’clock Seeds, tubers
Freesia Cornms, Seeds
Fritillaria Bulbs
Gladiolus Corms, Seeds
Gloriosa Tubers
Grape hyacinth Seeds,bulbs
Grape ivy Cuttings, Seeds
Hyacinth Seeds, bul
Indian Rubber tree Cuttings, air-layers
Iron plant Division of crown
Kaempfreria Tubers
Lily Bulbs, offsets, seeds
Lily of the Nile Offsets, tuberous roots
Lily of the Vally Rhizomes
Lris Seeds, Rhizomes
Maiden hair fern Division of crown, spores
Maranta Cuttings, Division of crown
Monstera Shoot-tip cuttings, air-layers
Narcissus Bulbs, Seeds
Nerine Bulbs
Nerve Plant Cuttings
Nymphaea Tubers, Seeds
Palms Seeds, Offsets
Peacock plant Cuttings, Division of crown
Peperomia Cuttings
Philodendron Cuttings
Podocarpus Shoot-tip cuttings
Rain Lily Bulbs
Ranunculus Tubers
Sago Palm Offsets
Sansevieria Leaf Cuttings, Offsets
Scilla Bulbs, Seeds
Sentry Palm Seeds
Snowflake Bulbs
Spider Plant Plantlets, Division of Crown
Spiral Flag Rhizomes, Stem Cutting
Tradescantia Cuttings
Tuberose Tubers, Seeds
Tulip Bulbs
Water Hyacinth Rhizomes
Watsonia Corms
Wind flower Tubers
Zebra Plant Shoot-tip cuttings
Zebrina Herbaceous Cuttings
Zephyranthes Bulbs

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