Diseases in Love Birds

Many novice love birds’ owners become alarmed if they see their pets begin to regurgitate food. This is form of behavior perfectly natural to the healthy adult bird. It is the mean be which it first courts its mate and then nourishes its young. Content single caged love birds will frequently attempt to feed their toys or even their owners during the breeding season. Regurgitation is only a source of worry. If it occurs outside this season, and is accompanied by then sign of avian ill health, such as loss of appetite, listlessness, or discoloured, greenish dropping, in these circumstances the act of regurgitation may well be a sign of digestive trouble. Check that the food and water supplies are properly, clean. Move the cage to a place where the temperature is at constant 85 degrees and add a pinch of sodium bicarbonate to the drinking water. If the condition has not cleared itself within a day or two call a Veterinary doctor.

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