Cultivation Methods of Cissus Quadrangularis

Cissus Quadrangularis is a wild plant found in India, South Africa and in hot regions. These plants are not usually cultivated but due to the demand of the plants for medicine its now cultivated in some parts of the world.

Description of the Plant
Its node has a distance of 15cm and joined together. If the plant is planted in irrigated areas you will find more leaf and tendril than non-irrigated areas. When the plant is full grown, flowers start to appear and one seed is formed on each pod.

Cultivation Methods 

Cissus Quadrangularis are mainly propagated by cuttings. The plants are cut between the two nodes 30 cm and dipped in cow dung slurry and dried in the sun for one day. The next day the plant can be planted in the prepared pits. A pit of 15×15×15 cm spacing at 5 ft is made. Fill the pit with one part of Vermi-compost one part of dry cow dung, one part of sand and one hand full of bone meal. Mix the same and fill the pit. The plants which are dried can be planted in the pit. Water the plants. See the plants are planted in straight line in both direction of the field. For first 15 days Cissus Quadrangularis should be watered every alternate days after that only once in every four days (hot climate). Never allow water to stage near the plant.

Tie a rope (steel rope) from one end of the field to another, just above the planted plants at the height of 5 to 6 ft above . Again tie another rope across the earlier rope so that you get 5ft squares. In each cross just give a bamboo for support so that the rope does not hang down by weight. When a plant starts to grow  support the plant towards the bamboo. When plants reaches the rope put top part of the plant above the rope. Then the plant start to grow downwards. When it is about to reach the ground, again you will have to bring the tip of plant to the top. Then new shoots start to come.


The plant has a wide adaptability and can be grown thought the year.


Cut the plant after 2 years, that is above the rope so that small part will hang downwards the rope. Give manure of dry cow dung and bone meal after each harvest. Make a heap of both near the root area.

Drying Method

The plants should be cut between the two nodes in the center and dried in the shade, this gives more medicinal value. Take care when harvesting to collect matured parts of the plant or you will not get the desired weight and medicinal value.

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